Best PCT protocol

I’m currently thinking about getting off an 4 year low cycle. And I want to restart my production as fast as possible.
I started with 300mg a week of Test E when i was 20 years old. And and after a couple of months of test, I started mixing in masteron 200mg a week.
After using this dosage for about 6 months I started to down size my dosage to about 200 test and 150 mast. And after another 3 months I down sized again to about 150 test and 100 mast. And cruised there for about another 6 months before again down sizing to 90 test and 50 mast. I used that dosage for about one year. And after one year I moved up to 110 test and 80 mast. And have currently been using that dosage until this day. And for the last 6 months I have also been taking 50 mg primo every week with everything else. It’s worth mentioning that I have been taking a couple of 30mg a day of anavar 3 times trough out these years.
So it’s safe to say that I have been cruising on low dosage.
And as am getting older and the passion for building the most amount of muscle is not there anymore. Because of the constant stress of having to pin everyday as I have been doing for the last 2 years.
I have not been smart with using HCG throughout these years. But for the last month i have been using 20ml HCG just for trying to kicking my production a little bit

So I was just wondering if someone has any good tips😅