Behind The Vines 6/30/01

Helllllllooo T-freaks. Damn it’s nice to be back. I missed you guys, I really did. For the past two days I’ve been fairly exhausted. You see, camp season is in and as a counsellor I’m chasing sugar-filled balls of energy around from around 9 to 4. It happens to be the greatest job on Earth outside of “Lingerie model hot oil applicator”, but tiring it is. Last night I couldn’t even stand out of bad to pee. I had to crawl on the floor, 'nam style and prop myself up against a towel rack. Despite my nightly lack of mobility, what other job gives one the right to run around topless for all the female staff to fawn over? None, None I say!!! Wait, maybe Nabisco has a similar policy, I’ll get back to you guys on that.
Charles Staley’s seminar was kickass. We did several stretching routines and went into a discussion concerning workout splits for strenth and hypertrophy. For those in Hypertrophy stages, drop sets and A/B exercise splits are invaluable. Going out to lunch was interesting, usually I’m the only one in the group ordering plain grilled chicken and brown rice and/or veggies. Damn, comoroderie rocks.

I’m still in my summer ripping/cutting stage and I’ve never been more ecstatic about my physique. Due to proper diet, excellent training, and T2 which is the ONLY supplement (protein excluded) I’ve ever used that has had such phenomonal results. Hmmm, interesting, I don’t even feel like a corporate whore after completing that previous statement.
Finally, if anyone has any suggestions for a quality cutting-phase workout program I’d love to hear it. Right now I’m on the third week of an Ian King-style workout wherein I use a larger variety of movements and less sets. The key is cutting (no pun intended)the total time of the workout in half by drastically shortening rest periods between sets. I’ll probably continue to do this with whichever program I choose to start next. Again, any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Well, I suppose that would be all for now. I hope everyone enjoyed this little romp around my playground of insanity. Now go have some hardcore training fun. Go. Now. Leave. I mean it. G’wan git! Now damn you!

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Ah yes, my Primate Friend is in the hizhouse! I definitely did miss you this week, E-Man…thanks for the update…that’s pretty impressive and admirable regarding your current jobby job and career choice! I see a lot of myself in you, bro, in that you’ll always be a crazy sumbitch and kid at heart, so I think you’ll do great!

Since I know you love short workouts and heavy weights, have you checked out Convergent Phase Training? It might be of some interest to you–and fits your 3-day/week schedule. I don’t know too have too much experience with training during dieting phases and there seem to be numerous schools of thought (Tudor Bompa, GBC, Pavel)…I do like the idea of training heavy–4 to 6 reps or 55–to develop the cuts and myofibers/density. The rest intervals between sets might be a little longer than you’d like though. But you could always do Back/Chest, Chest/Biceps, something where you’re pairing antangonists and do supersets with shorter RIs. Maybe do one exercise for 55 for each muscle and then one exercise (superset) for each muscle group at a higher rep range (8-12) for 3 or 4 sets. And always stretch and flex between sets!

Are the yard-apes aware of your affiliation with DR.Zeuss
of “Planet of the Apes” yet?..I dug your Lloyd Lindsey
Young improv!..Keep on posting man.Lately this Forum is
starting to get a little too serious, if you catch my drift.

Timbo, you know you my extra special T-bro. You gotta getcher ass out to NY one of these days. Awesome idea about convergent. You know where I can get more info about it? Joey Z, you are too f’n right man. Lately this place has become the T-monestary and/or T-petty argument soapbox. T-freaks, I beseech you, were all here for a reason. THere is a bond of sorts that links us together as a united group of individuals with varying yet similar goals. I see no reason for wars to break out here. It’s a forum. they are words on a computer screen. Hell, our “off-topics” have gotten off-topic. I hate tradition. I don’t enjoy doing things the same way over and over and over in a redundant cycle of monotany. That being written, I must remind my readers (you) of the fact that what you are on is the T-MAG forum. I feel there should be three basic levels of posts with some deviation: BICEPS, BITCHES, and BEER (Or training, sex and recreation if you’re boring). Let’s just make sure T-mag stays T-mag. And if I see ONE post about knitting I’ll take my services elsewhere. Lata.

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E-Man…Charles Staley’s Convergent Phase Training Issue 141…grab a vine and swing your monkey-ass (pun intended) over there! There are bananas, bitches and biceps awaiting!