Been on TRT for a month and don’t feel any changes …

No, because you’d have a daily drop of 30/40% which is similar to natural production.

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Fair enough, I’ve tried prop, felt worse (and that’s the only protocol change I’ve ever actually noticed). Not sure I buy the fluctuations are better because they’re natural Vs stable levels argument, but that me and everyone is different so not arguing.


I do like the idea of this but imagine its unnecessary for most men otherwise more men would be on this type protocol.
But to suggest it (or any real changes, I. E. switch from sq to im) to someone one month in who’s on a reasonable basic protocol is just going to confuse the issue I feel.
Theres plenty of time for changes IF this reasonable protocol doesnt wok.

How long did you stay on prop?
Did you let the test c/e eliminate completely before switching to prop?

To be fair he said he was impatient

It was years ago so hazy memory but would have been 3+ months I think.

I was on sust before that so you can take my personal results with a pinch of salt, but the longer I stayed on the worse I felt.

I am not a fan of prop because of the PIP. For me, it was unbearable.

I shoot 150 a week in a single shot - sometimes subq, sometimes IM. I don’t notice a difference.

I don’t like subq but I am shooting in my belly with a 29 gauge needle. I draw with an 18 and shoot with a 29.

I am considering backfilling insulin needles to shoot subq.

I shoot IM in my ass and I get a cramp from turning around, so I am not a fan of that.

I shot in my quads before but with prop and hated it.


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Prop really isn’t for volume imo. I go IM delts daily with zero pip.

No worries. I just don’t hear many people that switch to prop daily have a negative experience

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