Base meso cycle

Hey everyone, I was reading Dave Tate’s Periodization Bible pt. 1 article, and he discusses a base meso cycle that he put his wife on to build core strength. He said that she went from being extremely weak to putting up over a 900 lb total in a year. Hell, I’ve been training a lot longer than that, and my numbers, sadly, aren’t much better. I understand that training under Dave Tate has a lot to do with that, but I think that working hard on developing core strength has a lot to do with it. Now he mentioned her doing a lot of abdominal, back, hamstring, and glute work, but what other types of body parts/exercises would you recommend for getting a solid base? I think I might be behind in this aspect, which is hurting my progress. Let me know what you guys think. - PJ

stiff legged deadlifts and romanian deadlifts. plus lots of ab work. saxon bends. work the obliques hard.