Back Problems

I have back problems with my c5 and c6 (hernia)
is there anything I can do to help me get back to the gym? ART or else…

Get to a GOOD chiropractor who specializes in ART.

Man that is a weird place to have a disc herniated!!! How did that happen?
For myself, I suffered a L5/S1 hernia more than a year ago and am still not a 100%.
In his article on belts Paul Chek said that we should try to come off the belt gradually. I learnt this the hard way because comming off the belt cold turkey gave me my hernia.

Or find a physical therapist trained in Nordic manual therapy/ medical Exercise Therapy, to do unloading of the tissue to decrease pain. If the pain or other symptoms don’t worsen, half of the time the discs dehydrate and the pain goes away.