August Fat Blast !! Advice/Comments ?


I have put together the following 4week plan for myself and my girlfriend, we are both looking to drop our bf%.

Does anybody have any suggestions as to how it could be impoved?

I’m 150lb @ 15%, my girlfriend is 125lb @ 25%


T2 Pro Everyday,
MD6 Mon-Fri


6.30AM Mon-Fri

Mon/Tue - Meltdown Training
Wed - HIIT Cardio (20mins)
Thu/Fri - Meltdown Training

Possibly some light/moderate cardio on Sat.


Opting for a T-Dawg approach eating lean meats, fish, vegetables and supplementing with Olive Oil, Flax Oil & EPA/DHA caps.

Eating approx 500k/cal below maintenance on weeks 1&2, possibly drop this further for weeks 3&4 depending on how it goes!

Carbs I’m planning on varying as follows:

Weight Training Days:
100g carbs (25g pre-workout, 50g post-workout, remaining 25g coming from fruit & veg throughout the day)

Cardio Day:
75g carbs (75g post-workout)

At the weekend thinking of including a 200g junk carbs meal (leptin re-feed?).

Well there you have it! … suggestions? gaping flaws?



Sounds like you’re getting to hung up on supplementation and diet. Supplementation is simply the icing on the cake, so go as far as you can manage by yourself and then worry about these type of things. Fair play to you for being so diligent about your training and diet though, not many can stick by it rigidly. Good Luck.

As mentioned in the Fat Fast articles, it’s a good idea to add an androgen to prevent losing muscle. I suggest MAG-10 or 4AD-EC for you, Methoxy-7 for your girl. I’d also sub Udo’s for the olive and flax oils. 4 weeks is a short time frame, see Don Alessi’s column a few weeks ago for his answer to the guy trying to do it in 8 weeks. You will have to go more than 500 below maintenance and give up the cheat meals to do it, although you didn’t state a specific goal. I used the info on T-mag, the McDonald keto diet book, and Bodyopus to bring my wife from 27% to 15% in 10 weeks for BFL (2 weeks left!), she is taking virtually every sup Biotest makes except the male only ones and original T2, which she couldn’t tolerate. Good luck!