Athlete's Routines

With all this talk about Charlie Francis and the with Olympics going on, I’ve been think of athletes, besides Ben Johnson, who also really kick some ass in the weight room. One who comes to mind is Canadian track cyclist Curt Harnett, who squatted more than 700lbs. Also I remember in a profile during the last Olympics, on Canada’s 4x100m relay team, seeing either Glenroy Gilbert or Bruny Surin (can’t remember which) power cleaning 405lbs. A guy at work says he saw Linford Christie (a few years back) deadlifting about 500lbs too. My dad says that Tanya Dubnicoff (another cyclist) can squat pretty huge weights as well. Obviously these athletes take their cross-training seriously and I’d be really interested in seeing some of their routines. What does anybody else think?