Arm wrestling

Does anyone, or has anyone arm wrestled competively or seriously. If so can you sujest some good books or resources on the subject. This is something that I have been interested in for quite a while. Thanks

You can get an out of print book at amazon, but it is only fair. Search armwrestling and armsport anywhere and you should find the two main web sites. There are two newsletters you can subscribe to, check the web sites. The best thing to do would be to find some pros in your area and ask if you can start pulling with them every week. Since armwrestling is such an overlooked sport in this country, you will be surprised how accomodating they will be. They love to get new people involved.

Come to Petuluma this year. I am defending champion in my weight class. You can meet a lot of real die hards there.

Arm wrestling SUCKS. Its not a test of strength,so who cares.Poulquin wrote-arm wrestling is 60%technique,20% experience,20% strength.

Dam Logan, kinda narrowminded response. Soccer, football, golf, swimming, hundred yard sprint, and sex are not true tests of strength either but a lot of folks find them kinda interesting. Might want to think about broadening the old horizons. Loudly proclaiming everything you are not good at SUCKS speaks more to insecurities then raging test.

Logan, Poliquin is not an armwrestler. There is a lot of technique involved, yes. I’ve pulled against some world class people in practice (Ron Bath, Bert Whitfield) and believe me, they are strong. The amount of force these guys can generate on the table is amazing… it feels like a hydraulic press or something. Ron Bath can post up and hold me all day if he wants to. It takes a huge amount of bone, tendon and muscle strength to compete at a high level in the sport. These guys should get more respect.

I had a friend break his humerus bone longitudinally (horrible, horrible injury) while armwrestling. I would say there is plenty of raw strength involved.