Anyone here eat sushi?

Hey, any of you guys eat sushi? I just had it for the first time a few weeks ago, and it rocks! Some is nasty- like sea urchin, but the shrimp and rice and salmon and red clam is awesome. Good protein, with some rice. Went to all you can eat japanese restaurant last night after my workout and banged down 29 pieces of sushi. Followed that up with fried ice cream. That shit rocks too!

Sushi is awesome! For those of us on really low carb diets there is sashimi too…just slabs of raw fish, no rice. If you haven’t tried it yet go for it!!!

Welcome to the club. It is an exclusive club. I joined the sushi addiction club in 1986. Man, I could eat it every day. The only things I don’t like are Sea Urchin, salmon roe and raw shrimp. Everything else is oh yah! But, your (a little rice) comment. Sorry to tell ya. But, a roll cut into 6 pieces is at least 1/2 to 1 cup of rice. One piece of fish on a little rice = 1 cup of rice per 6-8 pieces. You probably had 2-3 cups of rice minimum. But, boy is it worth the extra carbs. My favorites are yellow tail, salmon, oysters (all raw) and salmon skin, godzilla, soft shell crab, fresh water eel (all cooked). The deep fried green tea ice cream is good too. And can’t have sushi without saki. Can you say insulin rush?

Sea Urchin rules, I love it.

Bodz, it’s Green Tea ice cream? Shit, I couldn’t understand him when he was saying that. I thought thats what he was saying, but I though he was getting mixed up. lol. I had the vanilla freid ice cream. Also, the carbs- I know there’s a shitload of rice, but I’m not too carb phobic, plus its after a workout. I’m gonna try the sashimi next time though, just to see how it is.

Mike, yeah, the green tea ice cream is better. If you are going to do the sashimi thing, pick what you like best and have that. Usually for me its yellow tail and salmon. Yeah, sometimes the sushi chefs are hard to understand. LOL. I remember the first time I had seared tuna, I thought the guy said sierra tuna. I tried ordering it someplace else and the chef just looked at me like, “what?”

oh, and for some good healthy fats (besides the salmon) try the “caterpillar roll”. It has eel and avocado. Yum. My dessert.

I think the tastiest sashimi I’ve ever had was when I was stationed in Japan, and they served up a freshly peeled, live shrimp. Unlike regular raw shrimp, which is somewhat pasty, the meat was sweet and crunchy. By the way, the taste of fugu (poisonous puffer fish) is nothing to write home about. I think I much prefer hirame (flounder). Man, 29 pieces of sushi is pretty impressive. The most I’ve ever had was 24, and that was at a sushi place in Japan where the the sushi pieces come around on a conveyor belt and you can grab what you like (I think they have a few “kaitenzushi” places in Socal and Hawaii too). We’re going to a little sushi restaurant in Santa Monica in a couple of weeks and get my fix!

IMHO the best (tasting) fish for sashimi is
big eye tuna from Hawaii. The second best is
yellowfin tuna. Salmon sashimi is also good.
Blue fin tuna and albacore really aren’t very
good. Halibut is also ok. All the other types
of fish I’ve tried (cod, sea bass, red
snapper, mackerel, talopia, etc…) have tasted
pretty bad raw. Just thought the less
adventurous of you might be interested.

Just wondering if everyone knows how much protein content is in sashimi?
e.g. one piece of tuna sashimi


Yeah, the mackeral tastes like ass when raw, but technically it is not raw, as it is cured in vinegar. I don’t know that many Japanese that like it either and it is usually one of the least expensive sushis. But the red snapper is a different story. The Japanese say, “Kusatte mo tai.” It translates to “It may be rotten, but it’s still red snapper.” That indicates how highly they think of it. It is very good when it is dressed straight out of the live tank. The meat is neatly filleted and the rest of the fish is skewered on a piece of bamboo to make it look like it was still swimming around. The meat is sliced into mouthfuls and placed next to the fish as if it magically fell off mid-stroke. While you’re eating the fish will gulp and shudder its fins for a while. Pretty spectacular presentation, but I found it somewhat disturbing. As for the nutritional content of raw fish, I would think that it is the same as cooked, but I can’t be for certain. For some reason, I always found raw fish to be more filling than cooked.

<>Jonathan: 1 oz fish = 7gm protein, for most
types, give or take a little. Might be a
little less in raw fish cause it has more
moisture content than cooked.

Hyok: raw fish is more filling because it has a higher moisture content than cooked.

Well, I guess I finally get to lord it over everyone else here at the forum - I live in Japan! Land of the Rising Sun and Uncooked Fish! Hyok- I’m impressed with your Nihongo, man. How long were you here for? And Bodz- from other posts, I got the impression that you probably live in LA. Yes? If so, you’ve gotta check out Tommy’s Sushi! I believe it’s the best in the city. It’s off Newport Blvd, just north of the 5 freeway. (Can’t remember if that’s in Tustin or not…) I used to eat there all the time when I was studying Japanese in college. Try their Green Mussel (Muscle?) Super Special - a T-Man dish if ever there were one.

I am pretty bad in measuring. 1oz fish = 7 g protein. How much sashimi pieces will be equal to 1 oz (sashimi is the one without the rice, right?)


Best sushi I ever had: Spider Rolls, deep fried softshell crab with avacado and flying fish roe. I can only thing of one thing I like to eat more… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a sushi addict too; this week-end I tried raw jellyfish salad in a Japanese restaurant; awesome!

Chris, I was in Japan for little over two years. I was in the Navy and was stationed on Naval Air Facility Atsugi, about 30 miles southwest of Tokyo. In fact I ended up marrying a Japanese girl. Japanese always came a bit easier for me than for the average American because I grew up speaking Korean. The grammar is identical and some of the words are very similar, especially if they have Kanji roots and are pronounced in “on-yomi” rather than “kun-yomi.” So, what do you do there? Teach English, perhaps?

Chris, I live about 3-4 hours north of LA. I live inland, but plan on moving to the coastal area (San Luis Obispo) by end of summer. I’ll try out that place you mentioned next time I’m down that way. One of my favorite places is Hiradas’ in morro bay. Jack Lalanne frequents that place on a regular basis. In fact ate with him and elaine one night. Nice guy.

Johnathan, usually one piece of sashimi is one oz. and yes, its the raw stuff without rice.

I am a total sushi addict. All-you-can-eat is the only way to go. Fortunately I live in NYC, so there are plenty of options.

When it comes to sushi, to hell with dieting. 40 pieces of sushi and 5 rolls later, and I’ve got carbs for a month

mmmmmm sushi.