Any Yu-Gi-Oh Players Here?

I see so many posts mainly about video games, RPGs, anime, and other geek stuff. One of my favorite pastimes is playing the card game Yu-Gi-Oh. I can’t help but wonder if anybody else here plays it? It would be cool if my favorite site happens to have fellow duelists as well. Sorry if I sound like a grade schooler, hah.

are u serious?

never got into it, though I still own a holographic charizard from when I was 13.

How old are you?

At least your aren’t asking about that real life role playing shit. Those guys are fucking crazy. Bunch of virgins running through the woods screaming “FIREBALL!! LIGHTING!!! MANA DRAIN!!!”.

[quote]Outrage247 wrote:
How old are you?[/quote]

Older than you.

I understand that this thread is an easy target for bored posters who feel left out elsewhere. I feel like not enough people appreciate what a fast-paced, unpredictable, and exciting game it is. I thought I’d see if it is also the case in this Off-Topic forum of if more people are into the game than I realized.

I have a lot of great memories of Yu-gi-oh and I tend to suspect a large part of me wishes I was still a kid and it was still “in”. The economics of the cards was the main attraction for me but I recall enjoying the card game itself as well.

I am tempted to try to rediscover the cards, but I’m relatively sure it will prove to be a disappointment. A big component of the greatness is probably due to my young age and the rest may have something to do with nostalgic glorification. Still, I’m at a loss as to why World of Warcraft is usually regarded as “higher on the social chain”. In any case, I’d like to go back to lego and recess. In the pit of my stomach I know that revisiting those things will only remind me that I’m just not a kid anymore.


That’s it! I’m going over to the forums from now on.

This shit just got weird!

I played pokemon, magic, dbz, and lord of the rings, but I would not even touch Yu-Gi-Oh it was that gay. The game seemed simple, the cards themselves were the crappiest card game I’d ever seen. This and digimon I couldn’t even bring myself to look at.

a lot of my friends are playing on this one site where you can make free decks, you don’t waste money and it involves some interesting strategy ive been told.

I liked magic the gathering in High school I was pretty good… won few local tournaments never did much more then that. Its waste of money though but I can see how playing online for free can be fun. Good strategy game yet waste of money if you actually buy cards.

Also lol at the flamers, I’m sure their are more hidden nerds in a lot of you.

You got me, I felt left out.

[quote]Uber N3wb wrote:
You got me, I felt left out.

I really like your picture, Uber. I’m glad you posted here. I guess no other current players come here, then.

All the “gay” references are probably for the anime and manga, which I’m not a big fan of. Too much BFF vibe.

My only beef with the game, as another poster said, is that you have to spend $$$ just to stay competitive. Maybe someday I’ll find something else more fun to spend my spending money on, but I like the game and the competitions. I have my moments where I go to all the tournaments that I can and down period when I’d rather save my money and play the game online in my DS instead.

I’ve tried playing Magic and Duel Masters (kiddie version of Magic). Magic is one heck of a game, but it’s too damn slow.

[quote]Spry wrote:

That’s it! I’m going over to the forums from now on.

This shit just got weird![/quote]

Say hi to your new friends…

I played when I was 12.

It costs to fucking much, the rules are simple and retarded, and the cards don’t get more complex or interesting as time goes on, they just get more uber and retarded.

Magic is decently fun, but too expensive and still very dorky. Card games in general are just not the way to go. Too much $$$, not enough pussy.

The right video games can get you laid, card games (other than gambling games)… not so much.

I love this thread and will check on it everyday.

You guys should all upgrade to World of Warcraft.

[quote]meangenes wrote:
You guys should all upgrade to World of Warcraft. [/quote]

that was the most addictive game I ever played, I am so glad I’m no longer hooked on that game-account getting banned helped- 60 was a lot better then 70 wow in my opinion.

I played Magic in middle/early high school, but I couldn’t keep up since studies are before any type of card game. I wish I still played.

I hate japanese manga

[quote]sawadeekrob wrote:
I hate japanese manga[/quote]

I thought yu-gay-oh was a card game? Either way, there are a select few manags I enjoy reading when I want something easy to read. Berserk is amazing. I also like Ghost in the Shell, which has some pretty advanced underlying themes that must be totally lost on most of the feeble minded emo kids that read it. I’ll admit that the average anime/manga fan is not humanity’s finest creation, but there is some good stuff out there, especially if you are a comic fan.