Ok everyone,
I’m sure we’ve all heard the old saying that too much of a good thing can be bad as is true with too little of a good thing. Now I’m well aware of the positive effects anti-oxidants have on detoxing the system but when do you know you are taking too much or too little? If you have increased risky behavior such as drug usage, smoking, drinking, etc… would it be okay to take more anti-oxidants, say at different times of the day or after doing whatever bad thing you are going to put in your system. I’m also concerned because I know most anti-oxidants don’t really contain a lot of the other vitamins and minerals that many nutritional vitamin supplements have but usually have a large amount of just a few. Taking this into account, would it be bad to take antioxidants with vitamins or should I take my multi-vitamin at a different time of the day? If I drink a lot of stuff like diet soda, would it be ok to add an extra anti-oxidant even if I don’t drink or smoke? I just want to get a good idea as to how much I should take and at what times and if they will have any complications with vitamins I may take. Thanks.

Well Joe, it is my understanding that anti-oxidants are vitamins. And they are Vitamins A, C, E, CO-Q10, and some other E and A derivitives. It is my understanding that you can take to much anti-oxidants, which actually puts your body in a pro-oxidative state. So take you multi in the morning, and your anto-oxidants before you workout or after. I would stress out over this micro detail, just make sure you take them consistently, i seriously doubt you are taking them enough to reach any toxic, or pro-oxidative level.