Guys…I have developed tendonitis in my elbow. I am currently receiving cold laser therapy which is helping, but since I am one month out from our PL Championships I am not resting the elbow. In other words, no healing. I have Naproxen(Aleve) but it doesn’t seem to work as well as it used to for me. Any suggestions on an anti inflammatory which may work better.

I get better effect from naproxen, but some people like ibuprofen better. My doctor gives me 600 mg for inflamation, 200-400 for painkilling. Aspirin is an anti-inflammatory also, but I’m not sure the dosage.

Vioxx, the perscription arthritis drug, is quite powerful (though very expensive, even with insurance.) Before I was put on vioxx i used ibuprophen exclusively, aleve has never worked for me.

A couple years ago I injured my shoulder and it got so swollen it was out of the socket and I had some paralyisis. The only thing that worked and didn’t tear my stomach up was Relefen an antiarthritic presciption drug. Good Luck, Hope this helps!