Answering posts on this forum

On a previous post I was attacked for giving my opinion on the drug issue. Funny thing was, opinions were asked for. Another problem I see, is that some people have automatically assumed everyone that posts here has to believe in the legalization of drugs. Can someone please point out this specific forum rule to me. Seriously, maybe I did miss it somewhere. But, if it’s not there please stop acting like there is such a rule. When opinions are asked for folks, isn’t it childish to tear someone up because they have a different response than you? I’m not talking about Hijacking a post here, I’m talking about responding to posts that specifically asked for opinions.

I was just think of this today. Why should someone get beat down for thinking differently. Everybody has their own opinions, but shouldn’t impose them on others.

:slight_smile: Actually someone makes a small comment that would supplement their proposed idea. Then that someone was called a moron.

Naturalman: I don’t like to see any discussion
devolve into personal attacks. It doesn’t
accomplish anything, and makes the forum suck
for everyone else. I perceived that that was
what was occurring in the thread you are
referring to. If it was not you that started
that, then I apologize; but it was my
impression that you were the one responsible
for heading down that path. And it really got
to me when you started talking about murdering
people - that just came across really, really
badly to me.

Dman please read my reply to your’s in the other forum. Seems you need to get the events straight. It’s there in plain view. I made sure to post the full context of your “comment.” :slight_smile: As far as you free. You made good points. If you notice my posts were only being directed to one person at first, even though there were many more who disagreed with me. I felt that someone took a cheap shot at me, so I fired back with both barrels (figure of speech dman). I wish to withdraw any negatives replys to your last post. I think you have an astute mind. I think your first post directed at me was an example of how to object to someone in a civil manner. Notice I never made a negative reply back to your opinion, even though I didn’t fully agree. Funny thing is I never really made a negative comment to Dman based on how he felt about the ISSUE. I made negative comment about his comment about as an individual.

People want to hear your opinion as long as it reflects
their dogma!..You’re having an intelligent discussion as long as
you’re agreeing with them…Shame on you for having a mind your own!
(But remember if you follow the herd, you’ll wind up stepping in
what they leave behind!)