Androsol with Pro-HGH

Has anyone used Androsol with a GHRP such as Pro-HGH and gotten dramatic results? I’m thinking about trying this but I would like to hear what other peoples results where. I also plan on using TRIBEX 500 and Methoxy 7 for three weeks after the 2 week cycle on Androsol.

To be honest, I tried one of those growth hormone formulas with little, if any, noticable effect. I was using SYMBIOTROPIN, I think it was called, by MHP. I noticed much more pronounced effects from Tribex 500, at less cost too! If you have the money, I would recommend giving Methoxy 7 a go. At the higher dosages, it really seemed to make a difference; I was recovering faster and looked quite a bit leaner in the mirror. Cool stuff!