Androsol usage by older guys

As a sort of side-discussion to the request for feedback that Bill Roberts asked for, I’d like to know how Androsol has affected other older (40-ish or older) guys out there. Bodz said that he didn’t like all the spraying, but didn’t mention any gains. Don, on the other hand, seems to have gained quite a bit. I personally didn’t gain anything using half the max protocol, but am going to try the full 70x2/day and see what happens (and I’ll post my results here). Please list how much Androsol you used, how long you’ve been training, whether you consider yourself an “advanced” bodybuilder or not, and any pertinent dietary info, especially as relates to your total caloric intake. Thanks in advance . . .

I am just finishing my first cycle of andrsol. I found that I gained 22 lbs in this cycle. I have been working out for about five years now and never thought of doing anyhting like this but after reading all the info on androsol I figured why not you only go around once why not give it all you got. I am over 40 currently @11% bf wieght 238 lbs. My diet was the anabolic but after reading an article from Bill I decided to do the “get big diet” modified to fit. after all over 40 it seems the fat is easier to go on and harder to take off so I reduced the carbs and stayed with the protein and fats. hope this helps you any good luck

bk-Thanks for the info!