I was wondering about Androsol. I haven’t used it yet, but i am very interested in it. i’m 5ft. 10. and am about 190lbs. i’m tryin for 200+. anywho is this a good product to use? what type of dosage is good for someone my size?


Max, I started using Androsol stacked with Nandrosol in order to bump me through a platuea that I had been stuck at for about 2 months. Well I have been on 70 sprays of each per day since June 22. And I feel like I am blowing through all of my sticking points. I have gone from 260-265 and my bench has gone from 5x 275lbs to 8x 275lbs. Just in under two weeks. AT this rate I should end my cycle weighing about 275lbs(No, I am not fat, I am tall 6’6" and my body fat is 10% thankyou very much!). I just bought another bottle of Androsol so my whole cycle will be 36 days long(If it ain’t broke I ain’t fixing it!), this is pretty long but it just three bottles, ya know. And if i am still making gains, then why quit. And after the spray bottle is empty i already have the tribex and methoxy sitting in the cabinet. As long as your “house is in order” I don’t see why you couldn’t gain ten pounds. And yes this IS a good product. And I highly recommend it.

Full dosage- 70 x 2 per day. As long as you eat enough protein and train hard, you should break 200 in a cycle or two. I gained 7 pounds my first bottle.