Androsol Cycle

Ok, I know there was another thread about this but I want to get your views on my cycle I’m planning out. Any thoughts on it are appreciated. I have it all down at Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos
Thanks for the help.

I would use Methoxy & Tribex post cycle, I believe this will allow you to keep most of your gains. I would advise you to do the food log though, I think it’s very benificial. I know it’s a bitch but after about a week it’s not that bad because your used to the calorie counts on alot of your common foods, so you won’t be looking at labels that much after a week or so. It will also help you track your calories, believe it or not you will probably fall way short of your calorie goal. If you keep a food log you’ll see what I mean. Your investing so much money and busting your ass in the gym, you might as well do this one last thing to get the absolute most out of your cycle, try it, the only thing you have to lose is extra muscle!!!

Would you suggest starting the methoxy the day after i’m off the andro or wait a couple of days since i read the andro stays in your system for a few days?
I know I should keep the food log, I tried once and ended up doing it two days but then I ate out a couple of times and kinda said screw it after trying to figure out what I ate those days. I’ll give it another go though. Thanks for the feedback.