Recovery Phase - chris, any help?

I am going to be restricted in my upcoming recovery phase of the Growth Project to buying either the methoxy or the M. Does anyone have any recommendations as to which would better serve me during this phase? I have everything else I need, but just have to pick one or the other of those supplements. Any thoughts, T-folks? Thanks in advance.

What are you using anabolic-wise during Phase II: MAG-10 or Androsol? And if using MAG-10, are you using one dose per day for the two week period only or another dosing protocol?

Thanks for getting back, Chris…I will be using androsol 70 sprays twice daily for the two weeks. Need any other info? Thanks again…

Based on that info, I would go with Methoxy-7 over M.

Okay Chris, so are you saying that with Mag-10 we should use the M?

If following label directions and using only a two week cycle of MAG-10 and planning on taking 4 weeks off, then no, M is not a must, though it will help. Personally, I’m going to stack Tribex, M, and Methoxy-7 between shorter MAG-10 cycles, if I have all that on hand.