Androsol and training program

I will start taking androsol next week. Im currently using the musclenow system. Basically it is a 6 week cycle where you start doing 2 sets per exercise and work your way up to 5 sets per exercise on the last 2 weeks of the cycle. You do 2 exercises per body part, so 4 sets per body part the beginning of the cycle, and 10 sets total per body part at the end of the cycle. Sample is mon legs and arms, tuesday back and triceps, wed chest and shoulders, thurs legs and arms, friday back and tris. The following monday I pick up where I left off with chest and shoulders. I normally take in 3500 calories a day and I have been gaining on this program, all naturally and just supplement vitamins and some whey protein. I will be on weeks 5 and 6 of the cycle, thus doing the hardest part of the cycle where you do 10 sets per body part. My question is, how much more calories should I take in while taking androsol, and should I do any extra sets, or add in an extra excercise, since my recovery system will be working better with androsol? I want to pack on as much mass as possible without adding a ton of fat… or should I just use my intuition? I don’t want to waste my androsol by not eating enough or lifting enough while I am “juiced up” on androsol.