Androsol 4 week Cycle question

I was just wondering if someone could straighten this out for me. I know know they say you can take androsol in the morning by 8 a.m. for 4 weeks on, but they also say you need to shower by 8 p.m. at night. My question is why is it necessary to shower before 8 p.m. I was under the impression that androsol doesn’t wash off, and I remember a couple weeks ago a surfer asked if he sprayed it on before surfing would it wash off and WHoever answered stated that after it dries which takes about 15 minutes that you could surf and it wouldn’t wash off. Now maybe I am missing something here, and that is what I need straighted out. I understand that testosterone decreases through out the day, but if Androsol doesn’t wash off then why is the shower necessary?
Thanks in advance,

I’m curious about that myself. I work outdoors and asked the T-Mag staff if getting wet from rain,sweat would wash it off and they said,no. I wish someone would enlighten me!

I’m wondering about the 8 p.m. wash off as well. I know it’s because you don’t want your T levels elevated all night long - you’ll suppress natural T levels. But, how do you make sure you’ve washed off all of the product? Do you have to you soap and wipe off real hard with a towel?

Yeah logan there seems to be a lot of conflicting info going around about this. I hope maybe Tim or Bill will help us out. I met Cy this weekend at the Arnold he is a real Nice guy.

The idea is to wash off with soap, which will dissolve the androsol film. However, Bill reported just a couple of days ago that blood tests show that hormone levels are back to baseline 24 hours after the spray application, so maybe washing off, soap or otherwise, is unnecessary. Further comments, Bill?