What do you think about the best moment to use androgen supplements?

  • On a bulking or cutting phase?

  • Also, if i were on a diet for cutting during 13 weeks and only lose 2% of BF (Im now at 16,5%) should I bulk up a bit with some andro for 6 weeks and then go back on a cutting phase.
    or continue to cut?


Bulk with food, cut with gear. That’s just the way I do it, you don’t have to. Not right, not wrong.

Stay on your cut if thats what you are trying to do. If you think that 16.5% bf is respectable and you don’t mind adding more, then by all means, bulk.

I’d have to second that. The results with bulking are pretty impressive but achievable, just about, from eating alot and good training, but the effect AAS has of retaining muscle whilst dieting is phenomenal. Of course, if you can use them for both then why not?