If it’s been months since you’ve used this product, which it sounds like from your saying you used it 6 months ago, then it is I think very very unlikely that the product use is causing your current problem. The androstenedione dosage is similar to that studied last year in a (rather poor quality) article published in Journal of the American Medical Association, and in that study did not cause much suppresion of natural testosterone – so it’s very unlikely indeed that months later you are suffering from any residual suppression.

These things happen, unfortunately.

For many people, Androsol gives a remarkable libido boost over a 2 week cycle, but if you stay on it beyond 2 weeks, there’s no longer any effect – your nervous system apparently adapts to it and is no longer particularly stimulated.

So Androsol is no long term solution: except perhaps if you applied it an hour before needed, then showered it off afterwards… then you would have it in your system for only a couple or a few hours per occasion of having sex, so perhaps the nervous system would not adapt. You might even get a Pavlovian response… on feeling the Androsol, the nervous system becomes conditioned to expect sex! All this is just theory because I’ve had no one try that protocol.

Some individuals with chronically low testosterone have reported continuing (not just 2 weeks) libido increases with Androsol use. You may not be in that category though. Stress and other factors (emotional and physical) can cause this problem without testosterone necessarily being low.

Tribex also is beneficial in this regard for some people, but for others is inconsistent, sometimes helping, sometimes not – and maybe for some people it never does anything (I dont know, that’s speculation, I don’t have anything like the Tribex data that I do for steroids, Tribex not being my specialty.)