Androsol for 3 weeks+(dosage)

Guys, has anyone here done androsol for longer than the 10 day/2 week protocol - up to say 4 weeks at maximum dosage. With all the benefits of combining Tribex/Vitex to increase natural synthesis after a cycle of any androgen based products, whould there be any problems? The only thing I can think of is some form of receptor down regulation or something. I was just wondering, as i have 2.5 bottles at the mo, and want to use it before mag 10, as it will probably be new year before i get my hands on the stuff - and could do 4 weeks at this level, as I cut down in the new year. Thanks

i did 4 weeks at 70 spays twice per day. came off with tribex and vitex and still had a bad two weeks with zero sex drive. I have just finished 4 weeks am only, tribex pm only for last 2 weeks, then am + pm for 2 weeks. start vitex as i finished asol. I have just finished this cycle. t-levels seemed fine all the way through. I am about to repeat this cycle. Total gain in muscle I estimat to be 3-4 pounds.

I’ve done four weeks straight no problem, full dosage. I came off with Tribex. No problems at all except my medium shirts didn’t fit anymore!