Andro Products

I have an upcoming powerlifting meet where I will be drug tested. The rules indicate andro products are “fine,” but that they should be discontinued before testing to avoid a positive they can’t distinguish. How long does one need to quit taking andro products before a drug test to avoid a positive?

In the case of Androsol, blood levels from
a single application fall to baseline at
or about 24 hours. If you wash the Androsol
off levels fall to baseline probably within
hours of that.

In the case of Nandrosol, you could probably
fail a drug test for months.

Is the below mentioned clearence time because the use of andro’s are allowed. Also how long could you pass an IOC drug test, not that I would consider cheating. I made a joke, get it, heheheh! Sorry, anyway your response would be appreciated. Thanks bill or brock or whoever.