Drug Testing

Does anyone have any idea how long after cessetation of use androstenediol and norandrostenediol metabolites are present in urine? I’m a competitive athlete and i may be drug tested and i need all the info i can get. thank you.

Andro is in your system naturally and with cessation of a week you should be okay, Norandro is a problem, it is a metabolite of Nandrolone, and not present naturally in the body, and can appear in drug test for atleast 1 year, and from what I heard as long as 18 months.

Fox is spot on.

ASDA, the Australian testing authority, lists nor-andro derivatives as being 50 days clearance time. But,as the other guys have said, it is more like a year.
Use of andro products can still sometimes be an excuse to reduce a suspension because of ignorance, but past 50 days, ASDA assumes that norandro products clear, so you must have taken nandrolone, and you are treated as a harcore drug user and given the full 2 years.

This is a bad thing…