Anabolic weather????

Ok, this question sounds retarded, but…In the last week or so I have noticed myself getting noticably bigger as well as noticably leaner. As we know, although Watts may argue, this is generally not all that possible. Here’s the catch: Although I have been cutting, I have not changed a single thing about my training and my diet has been pretty good…school’s out and I’ve had a few more beers, but nothing major. Over these weeks the weather here in Montreal has gotten much nicer and I have found myself in a much better mood. This is really the only variable right now. Can weather affect hormone levels, am I nuts? I’m not complaining, but this is kinda weird.

Sunlight does have a positive effect on testosterone levels. Sunbathing really does help training, especially if you can do it nude.

Interesting thread… I read that inreased sun exposure and the accompanying raises in serotonin levels boost sex drive(certainly does with me). Whether this is from a testosterone increase or from improved mood I don’t know. I would think higher levels of serotonin and the accompanying decrease in anxiety, cortisol etc would boost training however.
If this is true in theory medications such as SSRIs etc + sunbeds could have a positive effect on training. Kind of like the whole EAS “Neurogain” premise a few years back.

Maybe the topic should be anabolic MOOD, rather than weather. You said that the weather has elevated your mood, and you feel better about your self. You also said that YOU have noticed you’re getting bigger. Has any one else said anything? Do you have some objective data to support it? This may be a case of reversed dysmorphia. I’m not trying to dis you in any way – the mental aspects are just as real as the physical. Any one have any thoughts on this?

Don’t forget, we had a full moon too!

If you have some type of minor mood disorder this could very easily happen…the mind and body connection is so strong in some of these people that a good or bad change in mood can cause an almost instantaneous physical change

I think that there is something called SAD-Seasonal Affected Deppresion which basically brings people into a deppressive state in the fall and winter. This is believed to be because of less time spent outside and also less sunlight exposure. Its usually treated with UV light like tanning beds.