An Interview with Don Alessi, Part 2

After reading “An Interview with Don Alessi, Part 2,” I must admit that I’m QUITE confused as to what would be my daily macro nutrient ratios under his tutelage! Example: I’m a 170 lb male, so if I consume 1.5 grams of protein per kilo of BW – (as Don suggests) this would equal 116 grams of protein and 464 calories. He
suggests that I should consume about 100 grams of carbohydrates, which equals 400 more calories. My present caloric maintenance intake is 2650. According to my math, I would need to consume 198 grams of fat in order to make up the last 1786 calories.

These figures seem most confusing, not to mention quite strange. The protein seems too low, and the fat seems WAY too high! (Did I misinterpret the figures given in the article?) Could someone please shed some light on this issue, possibly Chris Shugart. P.S. I respect Don’s work, and I’m not trying to be a wise-ass. - (Joey Z.)

I put this in another post, but I’ll repeat it here:

Keep in mind that Don was just talking off the cuff in a casual interview. Obviously he has much more specific and individualized diet plans. Plus, when we were talking about diet, we were talking about the average client who comes to him to lose weight, not someone striving to look like T-man or a bodybuilder. Just something to keep in mind.

Maybe Don will pen a diet article for us in the future, but I’ve heard him recommend the T-Dawg Diet in the past.

Chris, Thank you for your reply. It helps put things
into better perspective! Joey Z.