An Elegant rant about my $?@ING BICEPS

Heya Manimals. I’ve posted before about my biceps, but I’d like to go into further excrutiating detail in order to see if anyone else suffers the same dillema as I. I’ve tried the good 'ol 8-12 rep range for my bi’s, and never really felt “tha pump” Lately, I’ve switched to higher rep range routines like “21’s”, I did about six or seven sets of 21’s the other day, and only felt “tha pump” after the first two sets. They weren’t even sore the next day like my tri’s usually are. Now my biceps aren’t exacty puny, they’re actually pretty decent depending on who you speak to (No, I’m NOT including my Mom…this time) But my question at this point is WHAT THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO BE DOING!!! What is my ideal rep range? Anyone else struggle with this? Aight, that’s it, I’m going to play with Coney Island Bill, my beloved Swiss Ball.

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Hmmm…if you did 21’s and didn’t get a pump, then there’s something definitely wrong! Are you on a low carb diet or somethin?

I would not worry about either soreness or pump. Neither is an indicator or sure promise of muscle growth, and their absence is no proof that you won’t have excellent growth.

There are countless guys who get pumps every workout, are sore the next few days every time, and have gotten these everytime for the last 52 weeks in a row and longer, and are not 1/8 of an inch bigger this year than last year.

There are also a lot of guys whose arms are an inch bigger than they were some time back, without ever having a really impressive pump or suffering much if any soreness in the interim.

You should be judging your program by the growth you are experiencing. If that is good then don’t worry about pumps or soreness.

Before I start talking about reps/sets etc…One thing to keep in mind is that you may be dehydrated. And if you are, your overall Blood Volume could be depleted, and that will effect over all “Pump”.


First let me say that you need to figure in what Bodytype you are and what fiber types you have. I am an Average Mesomorph, hense I useally respond better to lower reps in the 4-10 range. Yet ocasionally, I will incorperate High 10-16 and Low 1-4.

My best advise, take you time to learn NEW EXERCISES, and Learn how to incorperate TUT (Time Under Tension)…that will help you alot. T.C. wrote about something he called Stutter Reps…pausing mid-rep inorder to get more blood into the Muscle Fiber/Cell.

It Works…Why? Increased TUT = more Blood in the muscle. You can also do that with extended/giant sets…Think TUT and Different types of muscle stimulation.

I don’t know what the rest of your program is like but i have found that if I am training my back with the intensity that it deserves than my biceps actualy need very little direct work to grow. I also feel they need to be worked with progressive resistance in mind. I have had many clients who came to me frustrated with their arm growth, when i question them about their trainging they have been doing 25lb db curls for the last five years. yeah no shit they wont grow they dont need too. In general I have found that the less I train my arms the bigger they get, the problem most of us get into is they are just so much fun to train. try to make them stronger, make them grow give them no choice and then give um plenty of rest and food. Good luck

You may want to focus on getting your bi’s stronger. Even if you don’t get much growth stronger biceps will help you in all pulling movements, improving in those compound lifts will help you build overall mass. If your looking for another inch on your arms think of putting on 10-15 pounds. good luck hope this helps, mack

Thanks dudes. I beleive my next round of pain shall utilize some of TC’s “banzai to bamboo” techniques along with the stutter rep suggestion.

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