Amino acids

Because of my work, i do not have the opportunity to drink Grow shakes. I do use lots of amino acids. What types are best? Tablets, capsules or liquids? I also heard that liquid is the shittiest form, because it destroys all the amino’s.

I’ve used tablets and liquid. Liquid worked great and I got a lot of definition when I took it on an empty stomach and waited 45 min. before eating or drinking.

You don’t have the opportunity to grab a cup and dump some water and Grow! in it?

Nah man, i am a construction worker, so i can’t walk away from a 20 story building.

If you’re just trying to get more protein, what about packing some protein bars? No mixing involved there.

I live in Holland (Europe) it is very difficult getting even some quality sports nutrition over here. So protein bars are non excistant over here. Juice is very easily (and rediculous cheap ($20 for 100 D-bol!)

I still think a protein shake of any type would be better than pills.

I’m having a little difficulty envisioning the construction job you have. It sounds like you are having time to take a break during the day to have your pills with some liquid. If you are drinking water then, you could maybe instead be drinking a shake you have pre-mixed earlier before you start work.

What are you doing during the day when you need to take a waterbreak or a toilet break or a lunchbreak? Where are you storing your water or lunch? Can you not have a pre-made shake waiting for you in the same place?

I think it might come down to how creative you can be in figuring out how to get your protein shake. I've also had instances where it wasn't that easy to make a shake. For example, on long flights to the South Pacific, I've taken protein on the flight and mixed them up right in the airplane. I've had protein with me during long-stopovers when no restaurants are open in the airport and gone to the washroom to get water to mix a shake. I've been on long bus trips and train trips -- where I have pre-made a shake or two to have during the trip.

And if it truly is physically impossible to have shakes at the job, I still think a protein bar or two stuck in your pocket would be better than pills.

Max, can you at least take some beef jerky with you? how about a couple of hard-boiled eggs? Perhaps some cheese? It’s my opinion that it’s better to get a complete protein, rather than one small component of it–amino acids.