AM workout on warrior diet

This question is J. Berardi and the gang as well as all fellow T-Maggers. I’m one of the few who has responded well to the warrior diet and keep on seeing results with the use of androsol, methoxy, and Tribex. Now that Surge is going to be released, I will incorporate that in my diet. I usually wake up and have 10g of glutimine w/ 1000mg of ester-c and powerdrive first thing in the morning. At noon I have 20g of protein and 5g of glutamine. At 3pm I’ll have the same as noon followed by another serving of powerdrive and MD6 at 5pm. Then I workout from 6pm-7pm w/ my PW drink right after. An hour later I’ll start my binge of whole food. Recently I’ve started getting real busy during the night with class and work and I’m planning to switch things around. I start at 10am w/ 1scoop of protein at 9am, a serving of surge at 11am followed by 1scoop of protein at 1pm and 4pm. At 7pm start my binge. Do you guys think this will work or will just lose the benefits of SURGE as well as the Warrior Diet. I being on the warrior diet because I don’t to worry so much about eating through out the day and my focus and strengh are at its peak without any sluggishness. And I’m burning fat on top of that. What do you guys think?

Tell us your height, weight, and goals. Without that, it’s impossible to even guess what you should be doing. Let us know!

Thanks for answering back John B.I’m sorry I didn’t tell you my weight and size for the question I posted on taking SURGE on the Warrior Diet and switching from pm training to am traing. I’m 6ft,168lb, 6-7% body fat. I consume about 3,000Kcal a day somtimes more. I start my morning with 10g of glutamine, 1000g of ester-c, 1serv of PowerDrive and 1 cap of MD6. At noon I’ll have a scoop of protein w/ 10g of glutamine and have the same thing again at 3pm. At 5pm I’ll take another serving of PowerDrive, 10g of glutamine and 2caps of MD6.I’ll workout from 6-7 and take my PW drink right after and wait on hour later to start my binge w/m whole food. What I wanted to know was will I still get the benefits of the warrior diet and SURGE if I were to switch my workout in the am. Take 1serv of protein before the gym, SURGE right after my workout followed by protein every 2-3Hrs. and just binge at 7pm. The Warrior Diet works well for me because it fits in with my job and school and I do respond to it. I eat very clean as well. Keep up the great work you do for us JB!

TitusofAZ…seems to me, based on Ori’s philosophy behind this diet, that taking Surge (which I assume is high in carbs) would screw up the ‘Warrior Diet’ plan. You’re supposed to keep insulin levels low during the daytime right? That’s just my interpretation based on the articles Ori wrote in M&M Power. You might want to drink a serving of Grow! instead.