Age VS Rest

Ok, im 22 and was wandering whether i can work out more than someone say 42? I think the answer is obviously YES but then why do people usually comply to doing 2 workouts per body part per week?

And yes…i know you grow while resting but at 22, should i be doing 2 workouts per body part a week or should i be doing 3??? Once again, should the older bodybuilder do only 1 workout per body per week???

Anyone young or old give your input on this subject as im not quite sure what i should be doing…

I’d say no more than 2 body parts per week. In my opinion, for older people who spend their life time strength training, their age doesn’t come in until like 60 years old. Proven fact-Diet and exercise slow the aging process (Examle- Sylvester Stallone: He is in incredible shape at almost 60 years old).

Your (our-I’m 24) age doesn’t necessarily give us super-human recovery ability.

Just my 2 cents.

time between workouts is an individual thing. there is no hard and fast rule. people like to think in terms of times per week because it’s easier to have a set workout schedule every week. i think of it in terms of days between workouts and let my workout days move around dynamically. right now i am at 5-6 days between workouts. i will increase frequency if i feel it is necessary, but only for a limited amount of time. kevo

Ian King has written that a three day a week routine consisting of the same bodyparts is okay for a beginner, but not for the advanced guy. Besides, if you can train legs three times per week then you’re either a) not training them very hard. I’m sore for several days after a good leg workout. or 2) you’re training bodyparts that are still sore from your last workout. Not a good idea.

Those who train only for strength and don’t use negatives or go to failure can train more often too, but for BB’s about once every 5 days per bodypart is genally accepted as best.