ab wheel

Where can I get one of those ab wheels? Its like a little tire with handles on each side. I tried this and it was abdominal torture. I couldnt even do a full rep.

I got mine at the local fitness store, but Wal-Mart probably sells them.

I was in a walmart yesterday and yes they do have them. peace

Guys, if you really want an excelllent ab wheel, go to matt furey site. he sells an AWESOME ab wheel. I aint putting down the ones u can get at Wal Mart for cheap. But Matts, you also can strap on your feet and do a whole host of new and extremely effective exercises. It is a few bucks more but well worth it.

You get get it at any sports store. You’ll pay 10 bucks, tops.

I would still start with the WalMart jobby, $10. It is a decent addition at a low cost that if you don’t continue to do it, won’t cause you to look at an expensive impulse buy and kick yourself

Anyone had this experience with an ab wheel? I have used one off and on in the last few years. I then did the gvt2000 for a while and used the ab wheel after quad exercises. DAng! what a difference in torture level - dopey me - guess I fatigued the hip flexors to some extent out of the exercise - but hey thats a good thing. The thought just didnt occur to me until I felt it :slight_smile:

someone told me the other day that walmart was now carrying Swiss Balls…anyone know if this is true??..or how about medicine balls?