Ab Pavelizer???

Pavel’s book’s are great, but can this thing possibly be worth $170.00??? Anyone actually tried it?

We reviewed this product in a past “Stuff We Like” column at T-mag. Use the search engine. One note: the product has been improved since the article was written. It’s constructed much better now.

Would you happen to be THE George Lynch, guitar virtuoso formerly of Dokken? I remember seeing on MTV that Lynch got into bodybuilding.

Unless you have a consistent partner I would recommend it if you are going to follow Pavel’s program and do the Janda situps. Putting the old feet under the couch doesn’t work and it involves the hip flexors. Taking the hip flexors out of the mix is the emphasis of the janda situp.

Thanks for the replies! Since they offer a money back gaurantee I think I’ll try it.

Teddy: No I'm not actually Lynch. I just thought I would have some fun with his name since he is one of my favorite guitar players & into bodybuilding. He is pretty built these days. Check out his website to see what he currently looks like.