a couple of questions from Durban ,South africa

I just want to go on record as saying that this site has been the most informative site i have found after about 6 months of surfing crap.THANKS! Being a budding bodybuilder for about 6 years (25yrs,100kg,13%) and having about 5 years of that with little help other than the local meatheads in the gym,its refreshing to note that i actually know so little,it brings a totally new edge and entheusiasm to my training.My initial reason for information research, was my decision to finally try juice.i collected reams of information about all varieties of good and some bad information,finally deciding on sust 250 and deca for my first cycle,12 amps of each.my first question is,and believe me this one has a vast mismatch of answers,what would in your opinion be the best stack and on what specific days of the week,for an eight week cycle? Secondly are your products available in durban if so where and if not what would the criteria be to bring it out here to sell here,if i wanted to to endorse youre product locally

.Lastly I would appreciate all the info from the forum about their thoughts on our sometimes troubled but beautiful country(you have never met more beautiful woman than south afican woman)thanks again t-mag for keeping me on my toes.

For Biotest product info, call 719-473-5500. That’s the international number. I’ll let others answer your 'roid questions. As for South African women, please send samples.

Howzit Scott! I’m from Bloem, SA myself. Hehe… finally another South African on the T-board. I know www.supplementsonline.co.za carries Biotest products (except Androsol! Argh! But I’m bugging them about that tho…).

About your cyle: use clomid. You didn’t mention that anywhere in your post.

And of course you’re right on the mark about the women in SA.