800mmile world record

What would be the most effective supplements/products to enable me to run at top speed over 2-3.75 minutes ie to demolish the 800m and mile world records. I am taking ribose c -sodium bicarbonate and tribex.Also do you know of the use of injecting calfs blood with honey for stamina?thanks alot

Where did you get the idea for the sodium bicarbonate? This is a little trade secret that will work, assuming you do not experience explosive diarrhea. Michael Colgan, author of “Optimum Sports Nutrition” was one of the first to bring the use of baking soda to the forefront. In addition he strongly recommends taking a product known as octacosanol as well as sodium phosphates. I would advise that you use Twinlab on both, as their phosphate blend profile is superior to others that I have seen. Other than that it primarily depends on your training, but I am guessing that you have this down due to the nature of your ambitious goals. Hope this helps.

According to the Chinese Track and Field and Swimming coaches, Hornets venom or perhaps a broth made from moth larvae are supposed to be “excellent ergogenics for recovery”…YEA RIGHT!!!

Seriously, the best "training aid" out their for endurance athletes (and the 800 and mile would count in this instance) would be EPO. This substance greatly increases the number of red blood cells in the body, aiding ones ability to transport oxygen. I believe that there are also steroid courses that you could do that would increase your ability to recover more quickly from intense training, but which ones to use are beyond my knowledge.

As for legal suppliments, I would recommend a good testosterone elevating substance like Tribex 500 as high testosterone levels are supposed to aid in a person's recuperative abilities. I would also recommend a suppliment containing the substance 20-Hydroxyecdysterone. This is a growth hormone normally found in "bugs", but it has been tested by teh Japanese as far back as the 60's and used by the Soviets in the 70's to increase their recuperative and adaptive abilities. Other more common suppliments to use would include Ginseng (another adaptogen), glutamine and BCAA's (recuperation) and a phosphatydle serine complex (to inhibit cortisol after intense workouts).

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