4 day split

Because of my work schedule I can only lift
Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs. Would it be better to
Mon, Tues and Thurs then have Wed, Fri, Sat,
and Sun off or lift Mon, Tues Wed, and Thurs
and have Fri, Sat and Sun off? What would be
a good split?

Well, it really depends on your body. If you can take lifting four days in a row, then it will be fine if you don’t train the same muscles. But that will be really taxing. If you can’t do all four days then just hit them hard on three days.

I’d try to schedule an “off” day somewhere in there. I know I do much better using Ian King’s advice of not training more than two days in a row without a day off. Ideally, I like to train Mon and Tue, take Wed off, then train Thurs and Friday. Then take weekends off. That’s just me, of course.

hard question to answer. personally i would do the 2 on 1 off 1 on split, but that is because of my recovery ability. you should try both splits out and keep a detailed log of the gains you made and how you felt over the course of the two periods. then decide how good your recovery ability is and chose a split based on your results. also you might want to use a different split for different types of training. if you just wanted general strength and fitness 4 days on 3 off might work really well for you, but if you were training for maximal strength 4 days on 3 days off might be too much training. experement.

Thanks for the feedback. It continues to
become more clear why the better trainers talk
so often about microcycles. I see now why it is so hard to help someone plan a program since
you can’t just look at a snapshot in time you have to take into consideration the overall plan. So maybe I will do 12 weeks or so at 4 day trainig weeks and then 12 weeks of 3 day weeks or something like that. I want to build strength, cut fat and build some size. So thanks again for all the help.