4-AD injections

Brock speaks of this in a previous article,and states he feels that this is probably as effective as testosterone. I am looking for advice on a dosage schedule. Basically, how much, how often? Any experiences?

4-AD is 4-AD and works the same in your bloodstream regardless of whether it got there by being injected and then dissolving from crystals, or whether it got there from diffusing through the skin.

In other words, you won’t get more results
from injected 4-AD than you will from Androsol, except, theoretically, if you both
injected more and the amount that Androsol
delivers was not already at the top, flat
portion of the dose/response curve.

With Androsol you apply SEVEN GRAMS PER WEEK.
Even at the most pessimistic estimate of
delivery, at least 700 mg per week are
reaching the bloodstream. It’s probably
a lot more than that. That is a very worst
case estimate.

So, you’d have to inject at least 700 mg/week
to get the same results, but actually, 700
mg/week might be much less than what Androsol

Secondly, our observations are – and admittedly, it’s difficult to be too exact
with this kind of observation – that the
maximum recommended dose of Androsol is
at the flat part of the dose response curve.
You apply more Androsol, you don’t get more
results. So it follows that even if you
injected more 4-AD than what Androsol delivers, which is a whole lot of 4-AD, you couldn’t
expect more results.

So why an injectable as a black market item?

Because people demand it, they simply have
this belief that an injectable will be
more effective.

Thanks for the info Bill. I had thought that maybe injecting would be more efficient. More in your bloodstream than if digested first. Thanks again for the help.