2 Months on Bulk, Getting Fat

[quote]RATTLEHEAD wrote:
Even when you are being stern as fuck you are helpful, I like your style Colucci :)[/quote]
Ha, thanks man.

It’s not like I want to not help the dude. It’s just that, as useful as I try to be around the forum, I do expect at least some of the advice (whether I gave it or someone else did) to be put to use and progress to be made eventually.

Colucci bringin’ the TOUGH LOVE to The Nation!

My goal is to cleanly bulk for a few years so that I can finally see results. I’m on a push and calfs / legs and pull type routine now and I think its good because I can squat and deadlift every 4 days. I’m squatting less now because I just started and I’m doing 6-8 reps for squats rather than the 5 I was doing before so I’m easing into it with the squats.

I know I’ve been changing a lot between bulking and cutting so thats what messed me up before. I think my maintanance is somewhere around 2600 calories so now I’m tracking everything so I dont put on too much weight too fast. The issue is I’ve regressed back to feeling too fat already so I’m having thoughts that I need to cut again then really slowly do this bulk the right way.

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Colucci bringin’ the TOUGH LOVE to The Nation![/quote]
Sometimes I’m Winger, but I can be Hulka when I have to.

(Okay fine. Most of the time, I’m Russell.)