1st cycle

I am 22 years old and a former college athlete. I want to do a cycle for the first time but have one problem. When I was going through puberty I got adolescent gyno. It eventually went away when I was finished with puberty, but I am sure that this makes me prone to gyno. I was wondering what products my cycle should consist of, and what I should avoid. I was thinking of a cycle of anavar winny and clenbuterol along with clomid, and novalex. While this will rip me up, I won’t get any bigger. Thanks

You don’t need antiestrogens such as Nolvadex
or Clomid if you are using steroids that
do not aromatize (convert to estrogen). These include Winstrol,
oxandrolone, Primobolan, trenbolone, and Anadrol (believe
it or not) though Anadrol can have an adverse
effect with regard to gyno due, I think,
to progestagenic activity.

4-AD does not itself convert to estrogen,
although the portion that converts to T can
further convert to estrogen. However, blood
estrogen levels in fact don’t increase
when using 4-AD (including Androsol) and
Androsol has not been seen to aggravate gyno,
even in some very gyno-sensitive individuals.

Nandrolone also does not increase blood estrogen levels when used at moderate doses,
but like Anadrol but less so, can aggravate
gyno due, I think, to its progestagenic
activity. Basically, progestagenic activity
is problematic when estrogen levels are high
but otherwise usually is not.

We have not measured blood estrogen levels
on administration of nor-4-AD (Nandrosol)
but since nor-4-AD itself cannot directly
convert, and nandrolone has a hard time
converting, we’re pretty sure that there
are no estrogen problems with this compound,
and I have not heard any gyno problems from
any form of nor-4-AD. (NorandrosteneDIONE,
however, is another story with regards to
gyno: make sure not to use that!)

BTW, on second reading of your post: I can’t
imagine why you think Winstrol won’t
get you any bigger. If you take enough
(preferably 50-100 mg/day IM, or 100 mg/day
orally in divided doses though even 50
can give good results) and you train right
and eat enough, you will most assuredly
grow on Winstrol, and the oxandrolone
will help provided you take a significant

Ok if the progesteronic activity that causes gyno doesn’t really happen without high estrogen, does that mean that it could be useful to take Clomid when taking high dosages of Deca? To prevent gyno, that is.