125mg E5D. Side Effects with AI and Aromasin

Twice weekly is better than allowing hormone levels to swing on once weekly, keeping levels steady is best.

Today is 4 days from last injection and now iam starting to feel more energy again maby to large peak? Or maby night work or thyroid i dont realy know. I Will start with the 2 times a week and se how that Will make me feel

5 days from last injection today, in 2 day i Will start with new protocol. IF 125mg e5d gives me 1150ng/dl T and 61e2 on day 5 after injection. What levels might 62,5mg e3,5d bring?

It’s hard to say really, you could see similar levels, higher levels or slightly lower levels. One thing is certain, estrogen will be lower. Trough levels will be higher as well.

I only got 2ml pumps, 62,5mg Will be hard to pin that low dose. Maby i need to get Outher pumps before i start that protocol.

Could always get some 1cc insulin syringes instead and even go super small gauge if you want. I’ve been back filling 30g ones without any issues, though you can draw through them if you’re patient.

I got some insuline syringes but it is so short needle on them. I want to do IM not subq

A lot of people can use a 1/2” and still be IM on your delt, I know I can. It’s worth looking into at least

Maby i can use that. Now IM use (1,1/2”) in my quads sometimes 2”. Today is 6 days from last injection and i can say i feel preaty god today, i have hunger again and i can feel pleasure. So strange this, how come i starting to feel good again? Maby e2 have lower? Maby my t was to high maked me feel tired? So hard to figure out whats Wrong. I have bin in this rollercoaster for the last 6 months now.

I have still do the same protocoll. but doing 100mg e5d. Every time i do one injection i feel low losing motivation and feel depressed and on edge ”fight flight” or stressad. And losing concentration. I dont take any ai. After 4-5days i start feeling better then i take a new injection and samething happenig. I know i have to do some chenge Cuse i cant live like this. Should i keep same dose like you guys told me but split to e3,5 70mg or maby 50mg eod?

On more thing i have a strange headace that i get everyday. More the first capuledays after injection

You feel like crap after injecting a larger amount at once. The obvious thing to do take your 7 day dose and do it more frequently. Try EOD.

It Will required allot of needels. I only have 2ml pumps. And insulin needels. I dont know if i can draw and inject with the insulin needel, cause i cant change needel on it?

I draw and inject daily with the same 28g 1/2 inch 1ML insulin syringe.

I’ve done the same. It’s slower to draw but not an issue

Do you do im? I have 30g needels 0,3mm 1/2 inch. Isnt it risk to get infection when draw and inject with same needel?

Yes daily IM in the delts. That needle will work fine. You aren’t going to get an infection using the same needle. People use larger needles to draw just to save time but I’ve found it wastes too much.

Delts (purple area)

Do you aspirate or just shot it? It think it Will be hard to aspirate with that little needel?

You don’t need to aspirate. Just be sure you flex in the mirror after the shot and yell really loud

Haha yell loud. I Will try this. For 2 months. But what dose should i start with? 40mg or 50mg eod?