125mg E5D. Side Effects with AI and Aromasin

I shot 50mg in my delt. Didnt feel anything at all. Im used to shot in my legs with 21g 40mm needel. I Will try this protocol with 40-50mg eod. It did take some time to draw but not so long. I Hope i got it im.

If it’s a 1/2 inch needle in the delt then it was IM. As far as dose that’s for you to determine but pick one and stick with it for 8 weeks before changing. You may not feel ideal for a little while during the adjustment. When I started more frequent injections I didn’t feel as good the first 4-6 weeks and questioned whether it was the right move. Around 8 weeks I was feeling better than ever.

Ok i hope this Will work. Cause 100-125mg e5d hasnt worked good at all. Neither have e7d or e14d

This is the First time in a very long time that i didnt wake up and feel bad day after injection.

I have ben on this 40mg eod for 10 days now. The first 7 was real good. No anexity great lebido and energy. And i feelt more confendent and Life feelt amazing. But the 3 last days i have ben tired, haved allmost zero lebido. Bad memory and focus and feel real low. Can it be like this in the begening of à new protocol, is this normal? Should i take any labs or do something else?

May I ask why small, more frequent doses is better than a weekly shot? I thought the half-life of test-E allowed it to be injected weekly. I am currently on 500mg of Test E per week and 80mg of Test-P every other day. The only side I’m getting at the moment is a bit of acne/oily skin and a bit of anger (get annoyed at small things much easier)

If I were to say, split my Test-E dose to 2x a week, or further perhaps split it into 125-150mg and take it along with the Prop every other day would it help with the sides or make any difference? I believe I saw a study somewhere saying twice weekly injections allowed for much more steady blood levels.

The “forum wisdom” is that a weekly shot causes a sharp increase in levels at the beginning of the week (or whenever yo took the shot) then a drop off towards the end, which some people don’t tolerate well.

There ARE plenty of people on in the TRT world that do once a week and are fine, however, there are also people that feel better splitting it to 2-3x a week instead of once a week, and even some super sensitive folks that that prefer daily.

It won’t make a bit of difference for you, most likely. Not for a cycle like that. It makes a difference on TRT when it’s JUST the Test E or Test C. 80mg of prop EOD is more than most TRT guys are using, and would probably be a good cruise if you drop the 500mg of Test E. Unless this is your cruise, in which case you aren’t doing TRT anyway and probably know how your body responds to things.

Toke som bloods after 10 days on 40mg eod.
Day after One 40mg injection.
Testostorone 1210 ng/dl
E2 60,5 ng/dl

Its the same results i get on 100mg e5d but 5 days after 1 injection.

How come Estrogen dont lowers? Or maby when i take 100mg 1 day after injection e2 is higher then that 60,5?

Or maby it dosent make a diffrent in levels? Maby all that mathers is how much you take Every week? 40mg Eod is 140mg à week. 100mg e5d is 140 à week.

Will my levels be more constant on this 40mg Eod?
Then 100mg e5d

@nebido999 - I think you took blood work too soon after the protocol change. A lot here say you need 6 to 8 weeks for steady state.

Things are changing, your body is adjusting to the change, it’s not immediate. Stick with the protocol for another 46 days and get bloods then.

Ok i Will do that. But this brainfog(feels like im in a bubbel feeling is hard to deal with)

The quickest way to homeostasis is patience.

Speaking from personal experience, switching up all the time just elongates your time being unwell.

6-8 weeks will pass regardless, make sure that time passes doing the right thing for your body

i Will stay at this protocol and se how i feel in 8 weeks. Some days are real good and somedays feel like before trt. Is it normal to get pressure in head that lasts a couple hours and makes you feel like you cant think streight and like your on edge (fight flight)?

THIS is the same thing happening to me… Once i do an injection… shortly after I feel on edge/fight or flight, and it takes about 3 days to resolve and I start feeling good, libido good, etc… then the next day I take another injection and its back to anxiety and feeling fight or flight with lowered libido. Seems to be opposite of what I would expect. Its almost as if we are both feeling better at trough then at peak

Whats ur protocol and blood levels? How long have you Used trt?

Light bulb moment guys. If you are feeling better at trough then lower your dose and increase the frequency of your injections and you can hit that sweet spot all the time. It seems like half the posts in this forum end up turning into an injection frequency debate…but experiencing what you are…feeling better when T levels start to drop screams to lower your overall dose and increase injection frequency.

Read through my thread and you will see I am experiencing the exact same as you… I shoot 50mg every 3.5 days…

It goes like this for me:

Monday - 50 mg injection (lowered libido, anxiety high, mood bad)

Tuesday - same as monday

wednesday - same as monday

Thursday (day of injection but before injection)- Libido high, mood great, no anxiety… THEN I pin and the next day im back to high anxiety lowered libido until 2-3 days later

I can agree with the logic here. Definitely makes sense however I am on 50mg every 3.5 days… Most of what I see 100 mg gets people to around 500-600 TT and mid range Free T. That is why I was confused, but it definitely seems like when my levels are declining or at trough the day before injection I feel my best. Libido is raging and anxiety minimal. What dosage would you recommend and at what frequency in my case?

try 10-12mg/day. Using a slin pin you can really dial it in.

What about 3x weekly? what dosage… Also do you think it is strange such a small dose is causing me symptoms until my levels decline? I am 24, very fit and lean (very minimal body fat and a good amount of muscle mass) I don’t have my follow up labs yet but I am curious to see what my levels are at 50 mg E3.5days

I was 382 ng/dl TT and 53pg/ml Free T on a range of (46-226pg/ml) pre TRT… Check out my thread for more details about my journey