125mg E5D. Side Effects with AI and Aromasin

Haved moved to 125mg e7d still got real tired and low from times to times, and low sex drive and motivation, and feelings of low selfestem. Do you guys think i should try 0,125mg armidex 2 times a week and se if it helps?

No I think you should adjust your injection frequencies to balance out Total T and estrogen, twice weekly or EOD, whatever it takes.

I can try twice weekly. Same dose? 62,5mg monday and thursday? I feel kind of aphaty right now. Kind of depressed like i have low test but its sky high. It feels like i cant feel pleasure right now. Like low dopamine?

That’s a start and if it doesn’t do the job as well as you hoped, as I learned more frequent shots always improved the way I felt. I started out like you injecting once weekly and arrived at daily injections because I noticed every time I moved injections closer together, I feel better so I just kept going until a arrived at daily injections.

I also didn’t feel the swinging hormone levels on a daily protocol, it was smooth all the way to a stable state. Thyroid hormones (Free T3) has a big effect on dopamine, there are more T3 receptors in the brain than in the body.

I toke my last shot with 125mg 3days ago, when should i start with 62,5mg? 5 days after my shot my t is 1150ng/dl and e61

You can start at anytime, your next peak will be half of what got you 1150. Your testosterone peaks in 48 hours, so if you measure it on day 5, levels had declined by then which means levels were a little higher on day 2.

One Other thing. My skin in my face is realy dry not oily If that has something to do with how i feel? Dont trt makes the skin oily and not dry.

My free t3 is 6,2pmol/l ref 3,3-6,0 pmol/l
Free t4 16pmol/l ref 10-22 pmol/l
Tsh 3,0mie/l ref 0,3-4,0 mie/l

This TSH is no good, something is not right with your thyroid, you need Reverse T3 testing. Hypothyroidism can start out with normal thyroid hormones and elevated TSH.

TSH wouldn’t be elevated is a problem wasn’t detected, Free T3 is high so there shouldn’t be any reason for TSH to be 2.5>, only this is the case.

You either have high Reverse T3 or something interfering with Free T3 at the cellular level, one possibility is iron deficiency.

Dry skin is thyroid related, TRT will increase oil production in skin only if thyroid is functioning normally.

If those thyroid labs were pre-TRT, I expect your numbers to look worse on TRT as the demand is greater.

My TSH increased a little bit on TRT from 0.6–>1.0, I’m one of the super low TSH guys closer to hyperthyroidism.

This Labs is on trt with 1150ng/dl testosterone and e61. So what should i do next? More thyroid bloods?

Thyroid panel is needed. The fact is 95% of the healthy population has a TSH <1.5 or without problems, beyond this thyroid problems are encountered to varying degrees. Lab testing is only so good and can not see what’s going on under the surface hour to hour, day to day, week to week.

Doctors put too much faith in these labs ranges, symptoms together with labs provides a larger clinical picture. The thing is most doctors have poor judgment and cannot see a thyroid problem by simply looking at the patient, these doctors will overly focus on labs ranges alone.

Reference ranges for TSH and thyroid hormones

First of all the distribution of TSH reference range is not normal, with median values (also depending on population iodine intake) usually between 1-1.5 mU/L.

IM paying out of own pocket. What labs should i do more then the ones i did 2 weeks ago?. Free t3 free t4 and tsh TRAK & TPO-ak?

Make sure it’s Free T3 and not T3, so Free T4, Free T3, Reverse T3 and antibodies. If you do not have any iron panel, ferritin and cortisol, go ahead and do so. Iron is needed to properly convert T3 to T4 as well.

It was free t3 not t3 its hard to get reverse t3 here. Ferritin i got labs on, they are god. I dont know what is fault with my protocol or myself some times i feel god and have Energy for a capule days or 1-2 weeks then i start to feel fatigued no motivation no hunger and dont even feel plasure from traning or sex. and nothing can help to get energy, coffe wont help. It realy feels like low dopamine. Thyroid Does effect dopamine?

Personally I think you need smaller more frequent injections, also whenever you change your dosages it will take 6 weeks for levels to build up in your system and will feel unwell during this 6 week period.

I believe your thyroid isn’t able to keep up with testosterones increased metabolic rates, add to it that your levels are too high. High testosterone can make some men feel tired.

What is your idea of good ferritin? You need 70> to have optimal thyroid function.

Dopamine is not particularly thyroid related. It is inversely proportional to prolactin. If your prolactin is high, there is a good chance that your dopamine is low. So, even if you have enough free T to allow for good dopamine production there cold be something else (like prolactin) inhibiting production. Do you know what your prolactin is?

My ferritinin is 176µg/L ref 20-375 ug/l
I think i Will try 62,5mg every 3,5d.
I want to add that i work only night shifts to, can that lowers thyroid function?

I dont know where my prolactin is now but Will High e2 Rise prolactin?

This can decrease your life expectancy and lower hormones across the board, we are supposed to sleep at night because we are not nocturnal, you are not an owl.

Sleeping during the day you do not get the same restful sleep, this lowers testosterone.

Only got a 2 weeks left with night work then i Will never ever work that again. Should i keep protocol the same and se if the night shift makes me feel bad? Or should i still lower my dose?