12 Weeks Away

That is crazy, mate. Any chance of you getting in the ring again soon? Never had it happen to me, but a few guys from my gym have been in the same position and it has screwed up their training for weeks after. It must be so frustrating. You need to try and find a release or opportunity to work everything you’ve built up to. Any chance you can get some ‘competitive sparring’ with a kid from another gym, under match rules?

My coach set this sort of thing up once or twice when a guy had really been going hard for a fight, and paired him up with a kid from another gym of equal/more experience for full contact sparring. These things tend to turn into fights anyway, or they have always turned into fights when I’ve done it anyway. It would be useful to battle test all your hard work against a fully resisting opponent, whether you win or lose is not important now, it’s about measuring the development.

I really don’t know what to do at this point. I was planning on getting back on the weights more after this fight and I did restart my 5/3/1 last night. I am pretty sure somebody will offer me a fight in the next few weeks though. I turned down two others so I would be ready for this one. I watched both of those guys fight on Saturday night… I could only hope they call me again LOL. One guy has heart but is green the other is just not ready at all.

There were lots of people in my gym who were giving advice on how to improve my fighting even though they have never had a fight in thier life so I am looking forward to handing out some ass beatings over the next few days so they can experience what it is like to have someone who really has bad intentions to beat on you. Outside of that I am just taking it one day at a time and going to keep training and improving.

I do appreciate all the help in this thread. It opened my eyes to some good adjustments and gave me some confidence as well. For me the mental aspect of fight night is a big deal so having the right frame of mind is a huge factor to how I fight. I think it is all the buildup to the actual fight. You guys helped tremendously from weight cutting to techniques and gameplan so for that I say Thank You.

Damn! Ranzo, that’s like making an explosive entry and finding all the badguys gone somewhere else. Hope you pick up another fight soon,you certainly put in the work. Best of luck to you

All good. Everything happens for a reason. Put it this way, perhaps you had a weak joint, ligament or tendon somewhere and you have been nursing it or perhaps you didn’t even know about it and you went in there, threw full power and tore or injured it.

Use this as fuel. Keep your diet clean, keep your focus and mind on the prize. You’ve gotten into great shape and no use relaxing and wasting it. No, don’t drop your guard but take 2 days to refuel with a little crap but not too much. Maybe have a pizza one day and some ice cream or something the next and stay right back in your diet to keep you sharp and focussed and right on top of your training.

Your bench mark is now higher and you’re building on top of it rather than going back to a lazy platform. This way your skills will be higher, your body even better, stronger and leaner. Forget the weights. Stick to shit loads of skill practise that you need.

Be honest with yourself. What is it that scares you the most? Wrestling? Getting punched in the face? Rolling? Do crap loads of that. And when you think you’re done, step up and do some more.

When you go to your next fight you will have this higher standard rather than getting back to the same level.

This is why most fighters don’t become the st pierres and Anderson silvas. They have certain skills, fight, relax, degrade and then have to build up again and only marginally improve on last time. Had they stayed in the pocket, they would have improved dramatically.

Keep at it. Don’t stop and fuck weights… You’re a fighter.


I am sorry for the disappointment. Our story will be that people would rather break their own feet than use them to walk into a cage with you. Edit the above posts to reflect this…

In all seriousness, you proved that you could run a hard, disciplined camp. As humble said this should serve as your “new” bench mark. Your “relaxed” can be 10% off of that.

Also, congratulations on your promotion in BJJ. That is an accomplishment, course I train in a gi so take this with all the appropriate grains of “gi fag” salt.


Robert A

Humble, Thanks for the advice I did in fact go right back to training On Tuesday. Did a ton of Takedowns and TD defenses and did Gi Jitsu working triangle escapes and two gi chokes and thier defenses. When I say weights I just want two days a week on 5/3/1 like I was doing before. I feel it helps my game somewhat.

Believe it or not I do have a knee inury and I think it was caused by a Heel hook I got caught up in right before my fight. First I only felt pain in the back of my knee above my calf muscle, that went away and I felt great on Saturday for the fight but Sunday My knee started to swell I couldn’t figure out why at first. I trained Tuesday on it and that made it worse even though it really didn’t give me too much problem during training. I am icing it and eating ibuprofen.

Robert, I like your version of the story and I feel there might be ‘some’ truth to it. As far as being a Gi Fag I to train lots of Gi and I learn a lot from those pajama parties for sure. Thanks for the compliments as well, your posts are always great.

We’ve probably bumped into each other before and never realized it. I’m from right across the river in NE Arkansas lol

Take care of that knee, man. From the sounds of things your game has gone way up over the past few months, and there are fights in the area all the time. Stay healthy and bust somebody’s ass soon.

Awesome man. I grew up In NE arkansas. If you see me around just slap me or something…kidding.

The leg is getting way better less swelling in the knee and has went down to my ankle if I don’t elevate it for a long time. I can still train on it but putting it down on the mat does hurt some.

Are you gonna be at V3 in a couple weeks?

OH yeah. I will be there

I’ve always trained with intensions of being in this sport but I have no experience. But as far as training goes if you’ve never trained heavy Turkish Get Ups you should try it it out 6x1 5x2 or something like that and increase the weight every chance you get. I’m sure you’ll be happy with the results :). You brute strength, athleticism, agility will all improve dramatically. I think it’s the most effective exersice the human race knows

[quote]Ranzo wrote:
OH yeah. I will be there

Cool man, I’ll try to track you down and slap you and/or introduce myself.