1 more question

Everyone who responded to my last question I want to thank you and I really appreciate it. I have another question… how do you guys feel about “Stregth Shoes” are they as good as they talk and what I have heard? Is it a good idea to work out with them for a football and basketball player? Please help!

i have the strength shoes and i think that they suck for everything except improving the size of your calf. if you’re looking for jump ability then you’d be better off doing weight lifting for the posterior chain. i noticed more of an increase in jump and size after doing serious training on my legs and lower back than from 3 months of the strength shoes.

the only experience i have with strength shoes is i had a friend who let me try them on and work a little bit with them one day. the first jump i attempted i ended up spraining my ankle. if you are prone to this type of injury i would stay away from these (or at least do not attempt jumps off of plyometric boxes to start off). my friend swears by them, however, and he could probably outjump me at 5’10" when i am 6’2" (and do have a decent vertical). use them if you want, but do exercise some caution while using and warm up and stretch your ankles first.

I think scotts right. they did make my calfs sore as fuck for like a week.

For what it is worth, I have heard and read that the strength shoes are wonderful at increasing your vertical leap WHILE WEARING STRENGTH SHOES only. very little spill over.