H_factor's Surge Challenge Log

About me: 38 and about 198 pounds at the time of this writing. Been training since I was about 16 and reading T Nation since 99 or so. I used to print off articles left and right back in the day and still have a bunch of old folders with stuff. I can say I think I’ve read about every article ever posted on this site. If I’ve missed one I don’t know when it would have been!

Last two years have been a bit tough as somehow I managed to tear my Achilles’ tendon and had some shoulder issues. I feel really good right now though. Have largely been doing a lot of full body high frequency work lately. Super excited to try Surge formula looks terrific.

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First workout and first time trying the new formula. The lemon flavor is top notch. It’s not overpowering by any means but light and refreshing. If they put out a non calorie mix I might just sip all day. Mixes super easy no clumping or any of that shit. I’m a weirdo who probably won’t open both bags at the same time to try the berry flavor but it’s going to be hard to top this. But I also like lemon flavored stuff a lot so factor that in. Of course all servings of Surge will be followed to the letter as suggested by the challenge protocol.

Workout 1: Thighs, lats, triceps forearms

Workout summary–Very fast paced session which I love as I typically have to force myself to take appropriate rest times. As much as I love training I’ve always used shorter rest periods so that wasn’t a complete shock like it may have been to some. Took me about 30-35 minutes I didn’t really catch an appropriate start stop time (didn’t think to do so really). Felt good but winded at the end. Workout is fast paced enough that I didn’t feel as tired (or think I was as tired) until it was all done and I was drenched.

Ended (as always) with parasympathetic recovery breathing that Dr. John Rushin has an article on here. Some light walking as well.

Workout details:

Thighs- Leg press, leg curls, leg extensions. Immediately dropped weight on the leg press. Would definitely suggest starting lighter than you think on these. Big pumps early on which I’m sure Surge played a good role in.

Lats: BB rows, pullover, pulldowns.

A little smarter this time and went lighter from the jump. Again a quick pump was noticeable early on.

Triceps: Pressdowns with rope, dips, DB extensions.

Not a whole lot to note here. I use these exercises a lot so nothing new really except performing the slower eccentrics and flutters is not something I would typically do.

Forearms: Wrist and reverse curls.

While I often do reverse curls I haven’t performed a true wrist curl in a few years and I could tell it. Pumps and some good pain noticeable from the jump!

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Walking as normal but didn’t really do anything else. Soreness most noticeable in thighs and areas targeted by forearms. Nothing horrendous but noteworthy as I rarely get sore anymore from training unless I get stupid. And walked around with the muscles still feeling pretty nice and full!