Z-Mass PM

Im thinking about taking Z-Mass PM by Cytodyne but I have no idea of how good this stuff is. I would really appreciate lots of feedback from people that have used it before.

im curious as to why you want to try cytodyne product…id just go with biotests or twinlabs…im sure the quality is better

The only thing I noticed from Z-Mass was a definite increase in the # of dreams I was having nightly. As far as strength and muscle gains are concerned…who knows.

i was presented with two bottles of z-mass as a gift and i was really surprised with it. I can’t say for sure it really helped but i had the best sleep ever. Even though its not recommended on the label i at times increased the dosages some to see how it fair. i had some awesome vivid dreams and woke up feeling refreshed. buy a bottle and try it for yourself, thats the only way to really see how it works for you

I don’t know if there is enough of the “proprietary anabolic herbal blend” to be effective. I always have my doubts about the proprietary thing. Like someone is going to copy their product. Also there is no standardized percantage on those two ingredients. It is the same ZMA produced by snac. Which is the name to look for.

why would you not use zma by biotest? your asking testosterone for advice and they sell a superior product

Ok what supplement do you recommend by Biotest.
That really works??

Go for a superior product instead of the Z-Mass. Which means, buy Biotest’s ZMA. It will give you the vivid dreams and better sleep. I didn’t notice any strength or mass gains. But it really depends on how deficient you are in magnesium and zinc to have those types of gains.

I realize that y’all support Biotest’s products, but I believe that the question about Z-Mass is really “is it better than straight ZMA”. That is, the Z-Mass contains 20-Hydroxyecdysone, which even Patterson has said might have some potential…

The point is, let’s answer this person’s question rather than unquestioningly touting Biotest products!! We all like biotest/t-mag, otherwise we wouldn’t be here…

Z-mass is just ZMA with a couple of extra things thrown in. The ads are overly hyped and it’s overpriced for what little it is, but it’s an okay product. I just use regular ZMA and add melatonin if necessary for better sleep.

I’ve tried the Z-Mass PM. No strenth gains of course, but I love the sleep. I also tried the Metaform recovery stack, (Metaform is bogus, I know, but I wanted to try something with L-Theanine). It actually works very well as far as relaxing the mind and body.
I’ll get up at 4 a.m. to lift with 2 dymetadrine in me, on my way home, I’ll take the ZMA with L-Theanine recovery stack. when I get home, I’ll take my Protein, and take a half hour nap. When I wake up for work, its like a brand new day. Ready to go, and refreshed.
If I don’t take the ZMA w/ theanine after the workout, the dymetadrines buzz me all morning, then I feel like shit at 1 p.m.
I imagine the new relaxation supplement from Biotest will give great results as far as coming down from that ephedrine buzz.
Also, I feel refreshed after 6 hours sleep as if I slept for 8 hours with the ZMA.

Zmass is nothing more than ZMA. The only difference is that we know that Zma works and Z-mass Pm is a over hyped, less potent, over priced, less effective product. Do not waste your money.

Hello??? I realize that there are biotest supporters on this board and rightfully so–as I have used some products and gotten good results. However there are good products from other companies. ZMASS Pm looks like one of them and I have heard nothing but positive reports from people with first hand experience. The 20-hydro is an interesting compound and everyone seesm to agree that it has potential. Now I dont know if there is enough in Zmass to ge an effect but I dont see how Sugar can say that Zmass is less effective than regular ZMA–it is either the same effectiveness or better as it has added ingredients. Dont knock something unless you ahve tried it–or have seen someone try a product