xenoestrogens and fish

My sister works in a lab researching xenoestrogens and their influence on cancer. she said that you really should be careful about eating a lot of fish, because of how many chemicals can find there way into the water. Perhaps some more knowledgeable people can elaborate, as i know many of us eat a lot of fish.

Mercury, she is talking about Mercury. Basically, you shouldn’t eat a lot of fresh water fish. Limit fresh water fish intake to once or twice a week. You can eat Ocean fish every day, unless you get it from the polluted waters of SF bay. Salmon is basically considered an Ocean fish, even though they spawn in fresh water. Hope this helps.

Thanks Bodz, i know about mercury, but what she was talking about was definitely in relation to xenoestrogens. she didnt really say much, but she did say fish from the great lakes were bad. i would imagine its more of a problem with fresh water fish due to them being more likely affected by pollution. like i said i dont really know much, and was just throwing this out to see if anyone knew anything about it. That estrogen receptor will give it up to just about anything, even DDT.

There is a lot of research currently being conducted on xenoestrogens, xenobiotics and phytoestrogens and their relative effects on health. On a related topic, read the article "Eat like a T-Man’ which covers the phytoestrogens and their effects on health.
Good luck!