Wrist injury and rehab

I have recently injured my wrist (tore cartiledge in it - the triangular fibrocartiledge complex) and will within the next month or so undergo surgury to fix it. Unfortunately I didn’t like the doctors comment that I will never be able to do my sport again so like Chris Shugart stated in the “Merry Christmas Bob” article, I WILL OVERCOME. What I need are some ideas on how to really strengthen my wrists to decrease the chances of future injuries. Perhaps some of the martial artists could chime in.


Just bumping this up.

Mate, I am not quite sure about the injury, does restrict gripping strength, ie will you be able to close your grip tightly?

Anyway, there are a few exercises that I am sure you know, but one which I have not seen anyone else do which really works most of your forearm and upper arm might be of assistance.

For this you need a fixed bar, maybe 30 lbs to start with. Hold it vertically with a hand over hand grip at the top. Hold it in fron of you so that there is an aprox 90 degree angle at the elbow and the elbows are by your side, you may want to slightly elevate your scapula by contracting your trapezium. Then go hand under hand and raise the bar up untill you get to the bottom of the bar and repeat. So if you can imagine this, the bar is going directly up towards the cieling, as it goes higher, the harder it will become to control.

This may not be exactly what you are after, but I hope it helps. I wish you all the best in rehab, some times doctors go over board with their estimates and I hope this is such case.

SNAUS, the injury does not affect my gripping strength however it does restrict my range of motion in movement of the wrist. I like your suggestion and will give it a try. Thanks