Wrestling Off-Season Workout

I’m a 16 year old high school student. i did wrestling for the first time this season. i dropped about 15 or so pounds in the month and a half before wrestling started using ECA and a slight diet so i could wrestle in the 135 weight class. im 5’9" and about 137 right now, at about 7% body fat. i bench about 180, squat about 275, and deadlift about 315. my plan is by next season to wrestle at 152 pounds, and so im hoping to bulk up a lot over the spring and summer, and then cut back down again starting in the fall. i know there are some fellow wrestlers who post, so i was wondering what exercises and workouts you reccomend for improving skills used in wrestling, and improving agility, speed, and muscle endurance. ive just recently heard a little about plyothenics, and was wondering if that might help. if anyone had any ideas about good off season training, bulking up or cutting tips, supplements, or any other helpful tips concerning a lifting program or wrestling that will help, id really appreciate it.

I would recommend finding a qualified strength coach and then learn the olympic lifts and the numerous variations. The olympic lifts will increase your explosive power that will help you in your matches. Also, plyometrics will help, but you should learn from someone who has experience in that area (for example, from your coaches, the seniors on your team or at a summer wrestling camp.) Also, Dan Gables’s book “Coaching Wrestling Successfully” has some excellent suggestions for off-season workouts for the highschool and collegiate wrestler. Welcome to a wonderful sport.