Worthless Cardio

Do anybody has a source where I can find a study with evidence that cardio is counterproductive to fat loss and muscle gain?

Nelson Montana’s Plain Talk in issue 33. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! (note this one of the most controversial articles in t-mag)

thanx! anybody else?

Nelson’s article is probably the best one that I’ve seen. But I also don’t think that cardio is totally useless for fat loss while trying to keep or gain muscle.

People have asked T-mag about that in later issues, and their answer reflects what CSCS consultants on another site have also told me: Think of cardio as a means of enhancing circulatory health, not necessarily as a way of enhancing body composition. To minimize catabolism, limit cardio to intervals or around 20 minutes. I’ve personally noticed that when I have used more extensive cardio, glutamine has helped spare LBM more than without (that is, more loss came from fat than from muscle). I suppose glutamine actually helps do what HMB was promised to do. Wouldn’t it be great if we had a powerful supplement that would preserve LBM during cardio, so we actually COULD use it more and cut fat better with it?